Mental Health Awareness

This Month is Mental Health Awareness Month

This Month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

It’s Green, It’s Holistic, It’s Natural, It’s growing,
….…. It’s Homeopathy

The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness.
Why not give Homeopathy a go for a Holistic approach for your mental health.

This week is Homeopathy Awareness Week.

This week is Homeopathy Awareness Week.

It’s Green, It’s Holistic, It’s Natural, It’s growing,
….…. It’s Homeopathy

Thanks to The School of Homeopathy for commissioning the logo.
It was designed by James Brown Design to help raise awareness globally to raise the profile of homeopathy’s green credentials.

Much Gratitude the both James Brown and The School of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy Awareness Week
Homeopathy Awareness Week

About James Lawrence DSH Registered Homeopath

I am a Registered Homeopath base in North London Enfield who is available for local, national and overseas online consultations.

After seeing a Homeopath myself in 2005, it soon became apparent the significance of the homeopathic benefits. Subsequently, I went on to study Homeopathy and graduated in 2013. I have since been registered member with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH). Based in Enfield, London, I work from the well established Keats Health Complementary Clinic regularly. Click HERE for more info.

About James Lawrence


I’m always learning new concepts and philosophies in different fields to expand my current and ever-growing therapy skills that bring individuals closer to a self-understanding that benefits health, happiness, vitality, and the mind.

I look at each person beyond the regular norms as there are many aspects to be considered that may be hidden and distant from ones owns insight.

‘There is no end to ongoing learning, as life is a stream of meaningful experiences.’


More Thoughts

Psychological issues can play a big part in one’s dis-ease in many ways.

The mind has a big part to play in balancing the mental, physical & emotional states.

Work & home stress can lead to a mental & emotional breakdown and ignite an emotional fuel that can later spiral out of control.

Usually, only when one hits a crisis that one may turn to complementary therapies. If one has awareness before this point, it can either be avoided or dealt with before reaching a critical or crisis point.

Click HERE to find our a little more on Mental Health.

My Aim

I aim to help, guide and support you back to an acceptable and manageable state that enables you to live life with more joy, health, vitality, awareness and appreciation.

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Often people will glaze over words on a website are looking to action something in themselves, ask yourself how many times have you searched the web for something different.

It takes just a few moments to make the call that could make a lifetime of difference.

Call me for a friendly and informal chat if you want to find out more and discuss any issue that you want to address.

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