Homeopathy in Winter

Winter is well under way. Maybe now is a good time to consider some Homeopathic remedies to get you through.

2020 has been more challenging for many, and health has become highlighted in different ways. I have added a short list of Homeopathic remedies below as a basic guide to help get you through this winter period.

Getting winter ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats and flu? 

Homeopathy in WInter

Homeopathic Winter Remedy Profiles *


A first go-to remedy for the early stages of an infection, especially when symptoms have come on suddenly after exposure to the cold. There may be a high fever, flushed face and restlessness or anxiety.

Aconite is good for dry, croupy coughs, which may be accompanied by hoarseness and a dry throat. Symptoms tend to feel better from fresh air and cold drinks. Aconite is a the great remedy for sudden and intense fear and panic, this may also be accompanied  by a fear of death.

Antim Tart

Antium tart 0ffers relief for deep, rattling, mucus coughs accompanied with difficult expectoration and shortness of breath. It is for those who are probably feeling weak and drowsy, and may have a need to sit up in order to cough. Usually symptoms are worse at night.


Arsenicum helps relieve a range of respiratory issues such as coughs, colds and sore throats. Symptoms often include constricted air pathways with difficulty breathing and burning sensations.

There are feelings of weakness and exhaustion, yet patients can still be restless and anxious and may even pace about.

Those needing Arsenicum will be chilly and shiver with symptoms worsening around midnight.

They have a tendency to worry about health issues in general along with fears about impending disease that will result in the need for company and of reassurance.


Dryness, this is a strong indicator of Bryonia.  Dry symptoms include – dry cough, dry lips, dry mouth and a great thirst.

Symptoms are worse for movement and coughing can be painful with a need to hold the chest or head.

Deep breaths, eating and talking can can cause aggravation. Headaches are a key symptom in Bryonia, often with a bursting sensation around the forehead or behind the eyes.

Eupatorium Perforatum

Eupatorium Perforatum is a good remedy for flu symptoms, especially when there is aching deep inside the bones, it is as if the limbs have been broken. A High fever alternates with the chills, with a desire for cold drinks (or even ice cream!).

There may be great restlessness as the patient constantly tries to get comfortable, but motion does not help.


For the classic flu symptoms when the patient is dull, heavy and weak with droopy eyes and fatigue.

A fever with chills that runs up and down the spine, maybe concomitant with trembling and shaking symptoms. Headaches are usually seated at the back of the head and heat or pressure may be felt in the face and nose. 

They most likely will want to lie down for rest as any physical activity makes them feel worse.


Phosphorous can be useful where there is an exhausting and persistent dry cough that is worse in the evening or at night.

There may be pain and hoarseness in the larynx and throat, and the mucus may contain streaks of blood. 

These can experience bursting headaches and immense fatigue and weakness is also likely. These types are often anxious seeking reassurance. They are chilly but want cold drinks.


Other Useful Health Tips

Body Movement is important

When you can, get out and have a brisk walk. Walking has its benefits. It can reduce stress and anxiety and can elevate the stagnant feelings of being stuck indoors. It stimulates blood flow and can help maintain the immune system.

Resting and Sleep

Having a good nights sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Getting sleep is essential as it enhances and repairs the bodies cells and regulates blood sugar levels.

Sleep benefits the mind and helps reduce fatigue and stress. Not to forget we recharge our batteries overnight, a good nights rest can work wonders.

You may not realise, but drinking tea close to bedtime will most likely keep you awake for long periods.

Generally speaking, it is actually more beneficial to have a coffee because the caffeine in coffee passes through the body faster than caffeine in tea.

The caffeine release in tea takes a lot longer and keeps us awake for longer periods. If you want a warm beverage, drink Chamomile or Lemon Balm, they can help get a good night sleep.

Eat well live well

We often hear the term; You are what you eat!

There is much truth in this saying. If you eat a lot of chocolate and sugar products, most likely the body will be busy cleansing the overload of consumed sugar.

If we drink a lot of alcohol, the liver gets busy and filters out the toxins, as do the Kidneys. Ginger is great either in food or for drinking as a tea. Usually, as a tea, we can add lemon and honey.

Ginger Lemon and Honey make a great winter warming drink.


Please note that it is better to seek professional advice for a qualified Homeopath when administering Homeopathic remedies. Especially for long term and chronic illnesses.

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