Homeopathy in a Pandemic

Homeopaths have been seeing clients for C0VID since late Autumn 2019. Although there was uncertainty about what the new symptoms represented, Homeopaths do what Homeopaths do. Treat the symptoms.

Let’s look at the past 12 months and see what symptoms have manifested through the pandemic.

From a Homeopathic perspective, we have found about 35 associated grouped symptoms during the pandemic hysteria. To keep it simple, I will mention below what is considered the main symptoms.

Homeopath in a Pandemic
Liberate the Mind

Homeopaths have listed the following Profile Symptoms *

◉ Mostly aggravated in winter
◉ Cold body with chills and fever
◉ Feeling clammy with perspiration
◉ Hot burning fevers with a desire to be covered
◉ Dry Cough with Fever
◉ Breathing Difficulties
◉ Throat sore, bruised experiences plans

◉ Bitter taste
◉ Nausea
◉ Pains in Bones
◉ Muscle Pains
◉ Diarrhoea
◉ Lost Sense of Smell
◉ Lost sense of taste

◉ Diarrhoea
◉ Headaches & Head Pains
◉ Relapse of complaints *
◉ Weakness, Fatigue and Exhaustion (Low Vitality)
◉ Pneumonia, Infection and Inflammation of the Lungs
◉ Inflammation of Blood Vesicles

The Remedies

It is also worth noting the mental pathology. Globally many people are living with a high level of fear. Others are feeling more depressed, and others lonely and isolated.

Physical, mental and emotional symptoms are essential for Homeopaths because we cross-reference and combine symptoms to find each remedy to fit each client.

In the Homeopathic paradigm, we consider a shortlist of over 3000 remedies alone, based on physical, mental and emotional symptoms. The shortlisted remedies are*:

◎ Arsenicum Album
◎ Calcium Carbonic
◎ Lycopodium
◎ Sulpher
◎ Phosphorus
◎ Pulsatilla
◎ Mercurous Solubilis
◎ Belladonna

◎ Arnica
◎ Bryonia
◎ Hepar Sulphur
◎ Natrum Muriaticum
◎ Veratricum
◎ Rhus Tox
◎ Aconite
◎ China Officials

The Stand out Homeopathic Remedy - Arsenicum Album

One particular remedy for me over the past 12 months has stood out. That remedy is Arsenicum Album, and here’s why.

This remedy covers a broad spectrum of the above-listed symptoms more so than the others. From an emotional and mental perspective, we see in it symptoms of Fear and Anxiety. We now gain added insight into why it is so popular as a homeopathic remedy.

In science, when the mind experiences specific emotions like fear, hate, anger, loss and grief, it sets off a set of chemical impulses in the brain that then sends messages throughout the body. These chemical impulses can then compromise the immune system and thus reduce immunity.

I have prescribed my clients, mostly Arsenicum and Phosphorus. I always advise if they have any concerns, then they should seek advice from GP’s or doctors. I am pleased to say that none of them has had a need to seek extended advice.

Fear is a symptom that many are currently experiencing. This comes as no surprise when many are keeping a close eye on global media reports.
Below I have added some basic profile information, this will give you an idea of why this is such a popular remedy for Homeopaths.

Basic information and nature of Arsenicum Album as a remedy and as a personality from a Homeopathic Perspective

Please keep in mind that Homeopathy is a Holistic Therapy. We take into account an individuals, physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual health.

With an open mind, Homeopathy becomes a more wondrous therapy than one can ever imagine. The benefits are truly profound once one has explored the depths of this holistic health system.

Arsenicum Album
Name Arsenic trioxide, common name White arsenic.

Arsenicum in its raw form is highly toxic and can produce many symptoms and effects that include:
Oesophagus, stomach and digestive tract with burning sensations. Nausea and vomiting. A rapid fine pulse and breathlessness. Itchy red skin with eruptions, conjunctivitis, coryza, diarrhoea and headaches.

Humans retain karmic residues that tend to manifest as power struggles and patterns of domination or suppression with others.
People with an Arsenicum profile tend to like constant motion and flow. They may have difficulty expressing stuck emotions such as guilt, anger, fear and resentment.

This remedy has close connections to the Mind, lungs, blood, heart, nervous system, spleen, immune system and skin.

From a mental perspective we see restlessness with fear of death. These people are anxious types who can be very tense or worried. Panic attacks can also be a feature around and past midnight. They can be concerned when there is uncertainty of the future and may crave security. Things just need to be in place and want to preserve the status quo. We may see frequent hand washing in these types.

Generally, these types can be chilly. They can experience symptoms that are burning in nature, like heartburn, for example. Common allergies would be hayfever some may have eczema with itchy dry skin.

Final Note from James

I hope you have learned something more about Homeopathy and what it has to offer. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer as best as I can.

In the meantime make the most of the information on this website.

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Please note that it is better to seek professional advice from a qualified Homeopath when administering Homeopathic remedies. This includes long term chronic illnesses and short term acute illnesses.

If for any reason you have any concerns over symptoms of Covid-19, please follow advice from the NHS, your doctor or your GP

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