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Why have I set up the Online Mental Health Low-Cost Appointments?

Quite simply, it is because it makes Homeopathy more accessible to more people.

I ask myself what can I give back in the way of Homeopathy in these very challenging times. Recently it has become so apparent that Mental Health is in desperate need of more help and what better way, in my opinion, to be able to give back. This Mental Health Low Cost option means people can experience Homeopathy and what it has to offer in Mental Health.

I found over time that my clients may come for one consultation then expect a miracle to happen. Miracles can happen, but they also take time. Sometimes remedies can work on acute conditions very quickly, and other times it takes longer.
The information that I receive from each client is essential. Just for the record, I use the word client, because the UK law does not permit homeopaths to use the word patient. The information that Homeopaths receive in a consultation builds up what we call a symptom picture. A Symptom picture is a bit like doing a puzzle and finding the pieces that form that picture.

The Importance of Knowing your symptoms

Imagine a symptom that has recently manifested, let’s say a rash that is aggravated by heat. As a new symptom, we then consider this as an acute issue. It’s new. Usually, these are easier and quicker to treat the symptom picture puzzle is likely not to have so many pieces to put together.
When we look at more complexed longer-term cases, there are a lot more symptoms to consider. It may be that you have had a long term illness or specific symptoms since teens or childhood. These longer-term illnesses are chronic conditions. 
Chronic conditions have more puzzle pieces, meaning the image takes longer to see. Or the main underlying issue may take more time to see, as we build symptoms to complete that picture.

Acute or Chronic

For Acute symptoms, we are generally looking at anything that has come up over the past few months, if this is the case, we can look to get improvements between 1 – 4 sessions.
If the symptoms are chronic and long term, then we would consider anything from 4 months onwards. 

Back to the Low-Cost Clinic

Although the Online Low-Cost Clinic is a limited service, it at the very least, allows you to access Homeopathy at an affordable price. Homeopathy was Free a few years ago in London on the NHS, but due to pressure (or not), the tiny amount of cash, being spent, was completely cut, from the NHS budget. I am a great believer that Homeopathy should be part of the Health Systems in all countries. It should be complementary to all other therapies and allopathic treatments. Not many people realise it, but Homeopathy is the, most widespread complementary therapy globally. It is hard to ignore the significance of this modality, especially when the results are so beneficial.

The Free Discovery Call

The Free Discovery call is a non-commitment free call for you to chat to James about Homeopathy. If your still unsure about booking an appointment, drop me a line, so we can have an informal chat. Sometimes people call because they want to get to know me first. It’s quite normal as it’s essential for you to feel comfortable too. Others call for information, and some callers ask for remedies. Most importantly, it’s that first connection needed to discover what homeopathy can do for you.

Low Cost Clinic - Online Consultation

Price : £25

Time : 60 minutes

Price : £25

Time : 60 minutes

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About the Online Low-Cost Clinic Service

The Homeopathy Low-Cost Clinic runs two sessions twice a month, on the First and Third Wednesday of each month.

Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis with whoever is willing to commit to improving their health through Homeopathy.

Although this is a limited service, it does, at the very least give you a chance to experience Homeopathy at a very affordable price.

Each case will be taken, via Zoom or Skype. The clinic is open to anyone who would like a low-cost homeopathic consultation.

Please note that Facetime is also available. Skype.com do not have and end to end encryption policy.

Three sessions

I ask that new patients commit to at least three clinic appointments. We can discuss this in more detail before any scheduled booking if this is applicable to your condition.

Keeping appointments

As this is a limited service and to avoid filling up these spaces with no shows, I ask that all appointments are honoured. 

Cancellations and No Shows

If you cancel on the same day, you will lose your full payment (£20).
Cancellation 24 -48 hours before incurs a 50% payment (£10).


Consultations cost just £20. per session including the prescription and postage (UK Only).

For Over Seas the extra postage will be an added £6. (Total £26)

Local pharmacy prescriptions can also be sent, depending on the country location.

I ask that the consultations must be paid for well in advance to confirm the booking. We can discuss it beforehand.

Once the payment has cleared, I will email or text details to confirm.

What to expect

You should be ready 5-10 Minutes before the consultation. This time allows for any Online interruptions and glitches that people may have with their internet or connection service.

I will take personal details and notes of your symptoms to find a suitable remedy for you during the 60-minute consultation.

Following your consultation, I will prepare the remedies and post them to you within 72 hours of your consultation.  


Contact James Lawrence MARH Registered Homeopath
Phone: +44 (0) 7896 533 193
Email: james@homeopathenfield.co.uk

Want to chat first?

Free free to ask questions, I’m always happy to chat and help where I can. You can contact me directly for any other Info on;

SMS service also available, just click the Green WhatsApp icon below